Neuton's Business Outcomes
Explore business insights
Look for the most crucial factors affecting your business:
Why users subscribe, start using credit cards, want to switch to a competitor, or why employees leave your company.
Why sales drop, demand for some goods increase, ticket size decreases, or why revenue structure changes
Find answers with Neuton.
Do predictive analysis
Predict risks: loan default probability or car accident
Take preventive measures: identify customers who wants to stop using the product or go to a competitor, employees that are at risk to churn
Set up an automated calculator for real estate price forecasts or insurance risk assessments
Make smart forecasts
Neuton allows you to analyze many factors in forecasting and, as a result, to get as close as possible to meeting goals and realizing business expectations:
Make plans according to daily dynamics or seasonal fluctuations
Identify key factors affecting the forecast
Determine what kind of plans to allocate to specific employees, units, departments, etc.
Reveal correlations
Identify hidden links and correlations and open up new opportunities for business optimization:
Is there a connection between the success of a particular call center operator and the type of client called?
Is there a connection between employee IQs and the success of their projects?
Is customer income related to a customer’s willingness to make another purchase?
Perform rankings
Focus on the most crucial factors to help you achieve the best results. Neuton allows you to rank lists based on the probability of success:
Sell to prospects that are more likely to complete a deal
Call customers who are more likely to buy something
Start collecting debt from people who are more likely to be able to pay
Perform segmentation
Segment based on multiple factors. Find your target profiles and effectively focus your efforts
Identify the perfect employee or user profiles
Create custom segmentation for your own unique business needs
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