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Neuton is a disruptive neural network framework that is far more effective than any other framework and non-neural algorithm available on the market. Neuton is an Auto ML solution with resulting models that are compact, fast, self-growing and learning. Furthermore, Neuton is so easy to use that no special AI background is needed.
Intelligence makes the world a better place
Neuton's Story
How is it Different?
Our brand new framework has a completely new structure that is not comparable to existing neural network frameworks and non-neural algorithms. No longer is there a need to go through the lost time and labor of using AI/Auto ML solutions that assess and build models using various non-neural algorithms and neural network frameworks to find the best solution to any given problem. Neuton grows the best model automatically.
Auto ML Solution
Unique characteristics of the resulting models:
Self-growing and learning – there is no need to work on layers and neurons, just prepare a dataset and a model will be grown automatically.
Requires fewer training samples
10-100 times smaller than those built with existing frameworks and non-neural algorithms
10-100 times faster than those built by competitors
10-100 times less in neurons than those currently on the market
So compact and fast that they work on microcontrollers, smartphones etc.
Results in no overfitting
Far fewer absolute and relative errors in the validation samples than those built by competitors
The highest accuracy on a given dataset in comparison to the other solutions on the market
Easy to use – users don’t need scientific or AI backgrounds; only basic technical skills are required
Coming soon: Turnkey cloud Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence
Coming soon: A cloud solution for training; the resulting model can be used as a service deployed in the cloud
* - Size of models without metadata
Similar results are produced with such frameworks as TensorFlow, Caffe2, CNTK, Torch, Theano
In order to benchmark algorithms against each other, all datasets were identically pre-processed.
* - Size of models without metadata
Similar results are produced with such frameworks as TensorFlow, Caffe2, CNTK, Torch, Theano
In order to benchmark algorithms against each other, all datasets were identically pre-processed.
Accuracy MAE to
Sample Size
Accuracy to Percentage of full training dataset
Mean Absolute Error to Percentage of full training dataset
Regression problem
Binary classification problem
Regression problem
Multiclass classification problem
Binary classification problem
Models built with Neuton
The archive contains a model in hdf5, datasets, Python scripts for using and evaluating generated neural networks and a readme.txt file with instructions on how to use the model. The archive also contains information about the Neural Network model configuration, which Neuton was compared against.
Neuton based Ready-to-use model for the Boston Housing dataset
Neuton based Ready-to-use model for the UCI Air Quality dataset
Neuton based Ready-to-use model for the Titanic dataset
Neuton based Ready-to-use model for the Schools dataset
Neuton based Ready-to-use model for the HR dataset
Online Version
is Coming Soon!
Problems Neuton is Currently Solving
Regression. Prediction of continuous numeric value
(Ex.: temperature or real estate prices)
Binomial classification. Prediction of one of the two outcomes
(Ex.: ‘Yes’/’No’, ‘White’/’Black’, 1/0)
Multinomial classification. Prediction of a value that may have 3 or more categorical outcomes (Ex.: next best offer prediction from 10 categories of products)
Neuton is currently available as an Enterprise solution
Leverage our data science team to build a custom solution
Boost your product efficiency by using Neuton
Use our Cloud Platform through API
Download ready-to-use models
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Neuton’s Story
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1665: Cambridge University closed its doors during an outbreak of plague in England, forcing Sir Isaac Newton to return home to his Manor. Sitting in his library – safe, at least temporarily – he began to try to understand how to fight against this ever-present threat.

Suddenly Newton was hit with a notion that gravity may put the planets into motion, but without the DIVINE POWER, it could never put them into such a circulating motion as they have about the Sun; and therefore Newton ascribed the frame of this System to an INTELLIGENT AGENT.

“What if humans were at least twice as INTELLIGENT as they are? What kind of place could the World then be?” he thought.

Newton opened a journal, titled The Book of the Future, that he kept nearby on his desk and in which he often indulged himself with fantasies, and started doodling – imagining the possibilities.

“Health. Longevity. Prosperity. – INTELLIGENCE makes the World a better place,” he concluded.

2018 – Fast forward XX years: This brilliant scientist whose phenomenal discoveries would changed the world forever was our inspiration for the naming of our brand new neural network, Neuton.