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N e u t o n
Neuton® is a Neural Network Framework and Automated Machine Learning solution that makes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning available to everyone:

Very easy to use and no coding and data science experience required to leverage AI
Resulting models are downloadable, very compact, fast and accurate with fewer training samples required
Google Cloud Platform SaaS solution
Intelligence makes the world a better place
Neuton’s Divine
To make the world a better place by augmenting human ingenuity with wider usage and adoption of artificial intelligence while having transformative impact on economy, every industry, scientific breakthroughs and the quality of life.
Neuton's Story
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Why Neuton
A lot of companies face the following challenges when attempting to implement AI
Lack and high cost of data scientists
Rigorous tech and math skills
High cost of implementation and support
It is like having an unlimited number of data scientists work for you 24x7 for the cost of Neuton’s subscription
10 times faster Go To Market
50% less cost of implementation
50% less cost of support
How is it Different?
Neural Network Framework
Unlike other solutions on the market, Neuton® Neural Network Framework is not based on any derivative or pre-existing frameworks or non-neural algorithms. It was inspired by ancient divine wisdom, invented and brought to the world by our team of scientists and engineers. Neuton Neural Network Framework grows neural network structure and a model automatically and there is no need to work on layers and neurons. Neuton successfully competes with and outperforms other frameworks and non-neural algorithms.
AutoML solution
Neuton® AutoML is based on Neuton® Neural Network Framework and automates the whole process of machine learning with the state of the art technology. Its simplicity and ease of use makes artificial intelligence and machine learning models available to all user demographics irrespective of their technical and scientific background. Unlike other AutoML solutions you do not need to be a “certified pilot” to operate Neuton.
SaaS Google Cloud AutoML solution
Very easy to use, no coding or data science knowledge is required
Predictions via WEB interface or REST API
Downloadable models for local use without Neuton
Far fewer cloud infrastructure requirements and therefore lower overall cost
Unique characteristics of the resulting model:
Self-growing and learning
Up to 100 times fewer neurons and coefficients and therefore up to 100 times smaller in size (Kb) than those built with existing neural frameworks and non-neural algorithms
Up to 100 times faster than those built by competitors
So fast and compact that it can work on microcontrollers
Accuracy is not affected by compactness
Creating neural networks in artificial intelligence is like driving a car. Many years ago, car owners knew their vehicles inside out, so that they could fix or modify them to improve their driving experience. Everybody was a car mechanic at the time.

Nowadays people drive cars and do not even realize what the car consists of. All they care about is smooth driving experience, design and safety. They just monitor speed, mileage, and a gas level. Maybe, if you build your own custom car for speed racing, you have to be a certified mechanic.

So why do you need to know and care about things like layers, epochs, iterations, one-hot-encoding, backpropogation or machine learning cloud services terms? Well, with Neuton you don’t. You just use the Intelligent Agent and enjoy your AI ride and we place all unnecessary technical details under the Neuton’s hood to make your experience easy and not dependent on your technical background. Rest assured Neuton has the best AI engine available on the market.
Try Benchmark Models
Built with Neuton
Try our machine learning models on the following datasets. You can either download the archives and follow the instruction in the readme file to realize the benchmarks, or make predictions using the web interface.
The archive contains a model in a binary format, Python scripts for using and evaluating generated neural networks and a readme.txt file with instructions on how to use the model. The archive also contains information about the Neural Network model configuration, which Neuton was compared against.

Please click here to read detailed descriptions of each dataset.
Use Neuton based model to predict survival on the Titanic
Use Neuton based model to predict school rating
Use Neuton based model to predict attrition of your valuable employees
Use Neuton based model to predict median value of owner-occupied homes
Use Neuton based model to predict benzene concentration
Neuton bin viewer

To view the coefficients (weights) of the neural network generated by Neuton:

  1. Launch the viewer program located in the viewer folder
  2. Open the model/weights.bin file with the viewer program
Neuton Pricing
and Plan Options
Neuton has far fewer infrastructure requirements, and is up to 50 times less costly than what you would normally pay for infrastructure with our competitors.

Rest assured that with Neuton you are receiving the best possible product at a great price.
Free Credits
(Up to $500 worth of) Free Credits from Google can be used to cover infrastructure costs associated with Neuton’s Gravity plan .

Register as a new customer within the Google Cloud Platform to be eligible for up to $300 in free trial credits.

Corporate customers are also eligible for an additional $200 in credits on top of the $300 free trial credits. In order to be qualified to redeem the additional $200 credits, customers must register as a new customer with Neuton using a corporate email domain (no personal email accounts allowed, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo).

Once you have exceeded your available credits, you will then be charged infrastructure fees until you stop usage or terminate the subscription. You may cancel the subscription at any time by cancelling your plan.

Test your hypothesis
Infrastructure usage only
Invoiced monthly
Up to $500 credits available
5000 API Requests Per Month
100 Rows in CSV file for web prediction
First Law
Solve your urgent business needs
Per Month + usage
Invoiced monthly
Second Law
Use AI at scale in the cloud
Per Month + usage
Invoiced monthly
One year term
Third Law
Use AI at scale with downloadable models
Per Month + usage
Invoiced monthly
One year term
Usage, Google Cloud Platform
Infrastructure Costs:
Cloud Storage, per GB per month* – $0.04
GPU Training, per hour - $0.70
Prediction, Hosted Model, per hour - $0.04
Estimated monthly infrastructure cost**:
* Includes Network Egress, Backup, Monitoring

** Estimated monthly infrastructure costs are based on 24 hours of GPU usage for training, 30 Days of hosting for one model for predictions, uploaded data size (training datasets) ~1 GB. Pricing for all plans above exclude infrastructure costs.
More options
Run Neuton on-premises
Upon Request
Augment your device with AI capabilities
Upon Request
Neuton is Currently Featuring
Automated creation of the neural network structure to utilize highest predictive power possible
Automated training and growing of the model with the best characteristics
Automated dataset preparation (preprocessing), including text features and time series
Automated feature engineering
Predictions via Web interface
Expansive list of metrics for model quality assessment (Including Confidence Interval)
Predictions via REST API (including Scala, C sharp, Java and Python)
Downloadable models for local use without Neuton
Embedded models capability
Feature importance capability
GPU Support for training
Exploratory Data Analysis
Problems Neuton Currently Solves
Regression. Prediction of continuous numeric value (Ex.: temperature or real estate prices)
Time series. Prediction of numeric values dependent on the date and time (Ex.: sales prediction)
Binomial classification. Prediction of one of the two outcomes (Ex.: ‘Yes’/’No’, ‘White’/’Black’, 1/0)
Multinomial classification. Prediction of a value that may have 3 or more categorical outcomes (Ex.: next best offer prediction from 10 categories of products)
for the Future
Support of Image/Audio/Video
Multi-GPU support
Model interpretation
Data and model automatic visualization
Multi host training
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Release notes
Release Date: July 27, 2020
Use Cases
Empowered by unique differentiators, Neuton opens exciting new opportunities and offers a number of practical use cases.
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