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How to Subscribe to Neuton
The Neuton platform is absolutely free for developers from around the globe. Registration on the platform is a super easy process since only a Google account is required.
Click on the “Start for free” button in the upper right corner of the website. You will be redirected to Neuton’s welcome page.
Welcome Page
Simply sign in with Google or create an account, if you don’t have one yet.
Platform. Use Cases Tab.
You’re in the test-drive version, which allows you to explore preloaded datasets or build your own model with preloaded data.
How to subscribe to Zero Gravity
If you want to start building ML models with your own data, set up a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account and subscribe to Neuton's unlimited Zero Gravity plan. After subscribing, you will also be able to use the platform absolutely free, paying only Google's infrastructure costs.
Follow the instructions below to set up your Google Cloud Platform account and subscribe.
Step 1: Set Google Cloud Billing
To subscribe, prepare a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account with active billing.
How to set up billing?
For new GCP accounts:
Create a GCP account with new billing and get up to $300 credits available for covering your infrastructure costs.
Click the "Add billing account" button and follow the steps as noted in the GCP workflow.
Google will ask you to provide your credit card details to make sure you are not a robot.
For existing GCP accounts:

Check here if you have an active billing account. Create a new one if necessary. To create it, click the "Create Account" button and follow the steps as noted in the GCP workflow.
Google will ask you to provide your credit card details to make sure you are not a robot.
Step 2: Prepare a Google Account
For new GCP accounts:
How to check credit activation?
Go back to the GCP tab, open the Billing Account, and check if there is $300 on your balance. If they are, then the credits are activated.

Activate your free $300 credits here.
How to activate credits?
If $300 credits are available to you but are not activated yet, a pop-up with an activation offer will be available in the upper area of the GCP console. Click the “Activate” button. Once clicked, your account will be ready to sign up for Neuton.

For existing GCP accounts:
Create a project to manage activities in Neuton here.
How to link the billing account?
Click the “Change billing” button in the “Actions'' option for the Neuton project. Then select and set your active billing account.
Step 3: Subscribe for a Free Zero Gravity Plan
Subscribe and activate a Zero Gravity plan.
Zero Gravity plan is a free plan that allows you to build an unlimited number of models. Read more.
How to subscribe and activate a Zero Gravity plan?
On the page that is displayed, click “View all plans”.
Select “Subscribe” to a Zero Gravity plan. Mark the check box for the automatic renewal of the subscription and click “Subscribe”.
To activate the subscription, click “Register with Bell Integrator” and sign in to Neuton again.
Partner Credits
Corporate customers are also eligible for an additional $200 in credits on top of the $300 free trial credits. In order to be qualified to redeem the additional $200 credits, customers must register as new customers with Neuton using a corporate email domain (no personal email accounts allowed, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo).

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