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Arm Tech Talk 2023: The Next Generation Smart Toothbrush

In May, we participated in the Arm Tech Talk event organized by Tobias McBride, an AI Ecosystem Product Marketing Specialist at Arm. During the event, our CTO Blair Newman and Principal Embedded Software Engineer Roman Rusak from Neuton.AI presented an ultra-efficient teeth-brushing tracking solution using a regular toothbrush. This solution leverages Neuton.AI's ultra-tiny Neural Networks, while utilizing Bosch Sensortec's BMI160 IMU embedded into an Infineon PSoC 6 (Arm Сortex-M4). The resulting model is impressive, with an inference time of less than 2ms, a holdout accuracy of over 97%, and a memory footprint of just 4.5KB in Flash and 1.5KB RAM consumption. Check out the real-time demo at the Arm Tech Talk to see this solution in action.

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