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In-sensors data processing options with ST's intelligent MEMS [Webinar]

During the webinar "In-sensors data processing options with ST's intelligent MEMS", organized by STMicroelectronics, Neuton.AI presented AI capabilities for ISPU and highlighted the potential of running complex analytics on a resource-constrained device. STMicro's ultra-low power 6-axis ISM330IS ISPU sensor has only 8Kb of Data RAM and 32Kb of Program RAM and operates at 5-10MHz frequency.

Despite these limitations, it can identify and perform extremely complex and subtle tasks such as recognizing 15 zones of the oral cavity for your smart toothbrush, distinguishing between hand washing and face washing for personal care or identifying complex gestures like double clenching to control your smart home devices and many more.

You can watch the complete webinar here [On-demand webinar]. We are also proud to announce that Neuton.AI is now an official partner of STMicroelectronics.


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