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TinyML Auto ML Forum: Build Neural Networks Less Than 1KB

Neuton’s team, represented by our CTO, Blair Newman, and Head of Machine Learning & Analytics, Danil Zherebtsov, was super excited to kick off a series of deep-dive sessions organized by the tinyML Foundation as part of the tinyML Auto ML Forum. 

Blair gave a cool overview of our unique framework and its peculiarities, followed by a brief demo of how Neuton.AI solves a handwritten digit recognition task by Danil. 

The key ideas to catch from this session:

  • More than 96% of existing cases that claim to be TinyML do not meet these requirements, which implies that most users are still unfamiliar with tools for creating models deployable on memory-constrained hardware.


  • TinyML tasks require building tiny models without sacrificing accuracy, which means finding both the ideal size and best metric.


  • The ideal weight of a TinyML model is <1Kb and our patented neural network framework, Neuton, empowers users to automatically produce such models in one iteration and without compression.


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