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Innovative in-sensor AI computing at EW24 with STMicroelectronics

During Embedded World 2024, we had the pleasure of showcasing our cutting-edge in-sensor AI solutions in collaboration with STMicroelectronics. One of the most exciting use cases of the in-sensor AI technology developed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics is the creation of a smart ring that functions as a remote control. Neuton's ultra-small neural networks, which can recognize 7 different gestures to control your smart electronics, are built right into the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor. This technology offers significant benefits, including energy savings, data security, unloading MCU bandwidth, and more. Our

Daily Human Activities Recognition project is another exciting application of the in-sensor AI technology. It can recognize six different complex and similar human actions directly on the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor. The technology has a wide range of use cases, including elderly care monitoring and tracking hand-washing for children.

We also showcased a teeth-brushing tracking solution that is capable of identifying 15 zones of the oral cavity in real-time directly on the device. This solution utilizes ultra-tiny Neuton neural networks that are embedded into the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor.

We invite you to watch a brief 4-minute video featuring Julia Munoz, our Director of Business Development, and Lisa Trollo, ST MEMS Sensors Ecosystem and Digital Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics. In this video, they explore the key pillars of in-sensor AI architecture, discussing its advantages for resource-constrained and always-on devices through the use of STMicroelectronics IMUs with intelligent sensor processing units and ultra-compact Neuton.AI neural networks.

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