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Uncover in-sensor AI with Arduino & Bosch Sensortec at EW24

During Embedded World 2024, we introduced our collaborative endeavor with Arduino and Bosch Sensortec! Together, we've developed a solution that enables you to manage your media system through a variety of hand gestures:

- Swipe right or left to switch videos
- Double shake to play or pause
- Double thumb gesture to mute or unmute the volume
- Rotate your hand clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume

This innovative solution harnesses the power of Neuton's compact neural networks, integrated into Bosch's intelligent sensor BHI260AP, occupying a mere 6 kilobytes in total. The sensor itself is housed within the Arduino Nicla Sense ME.

Watch this short demo to experience the capabilities of in-sensor AI!

We had the opportunity to interview Stefano Implicito, Marketing Director at Arduino, during Embedded World 24. In a brief video featuring Julia Munoz, our Director of Business Development, they discussed the application of in-sensor AI with Arduino hardware, demonstrating it with the Nicla Sense ME and Bosch Sensortec smart sensor BHI260AP, and using the Neuton.AI platform as a prime example. We're excited to share this video with you.

With the help of ultra-small Neuton neural networks, Arduino Nicla Sense ME, and Bosch Sensortec smart sensors, we can now experience in-sensor AI. This breakthrough will lead to more exciting developments in the future.

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