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The latest innovations from Neuton in action were showcased at EW24

We were delighted to showcase our ultra-small neural networks along with our partners at Embedded World 2024. We want to highlight some of the joint solutions presented, such as gesture recognition, complex activity recognition, and personal healthcare solutions.

Our collaboration with Arduino and Bosch Sensortec has resulted in an innovative product that allows you to control your media system with hand gestures. You can use swipes, shakes, and thumb gestures to manage videos, pause, mute, and adjust the volume. The technology utilizes Neuton's ultra-compact neural networks embedded directly into Bosch's sensor BHI260AP, which only occupies 6 kilobytes. The sensor is housed within the Arduino Nicla Sense ME.

The smart ring, which functions as a remote control, is an in-sensor AI use case developed in collaboration with STMicroelectronics. Neuton's ultra-small neural networks, which can recognize 7 different gestures to control your smart electronics, are built right into the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor. This technology offers significant benefits, including energy savings, data security, unloading MCU bandwidth, and more. You can find more information about it here.

Our on-device package tracking solution can identify up to seven different events throughout the package delivery journey. This super-small application is made possible by integrating Silicon Labs EFR32MG24 Wireless SoC with Neuton.AI's ultra-compact neural networks. The total size of the system is less than 3 kilobytes, and its inference time is less than 1 millisecond. This allows for an entire business package to be paired with outstanding technical innovation, delivering great results.

Our Daily Human Activities Recognition project can recognize complex and similar human actions directly on the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor. This application can recognize six different activities and applies to many use cases, such as elderly care monitoring, tracking hand-washing for children, and more.

We also have a teeth-brushing tracking solution that is capable of identifying 15 zones of the oral cavity in real-time directly on the device. It utilizes ultra-tiny Neuton neural networks that are embedded into the STMicroelectronics ISPU sensor.

In conclusion, our ultra-small neural networks have enabled us to develop innovative solutions that offer significant benefits to various industries, including smart electronics, healthcare, package tracking, and more. We are grateful for our collaborations with partners such as Arduino, Bosch Sensortec, STMicroelectronics, and Silicon Labs, which have led to the successful development of these cutting-edge products. We are committed to continuing to leverage our expertise in the field of AI and TinyML to create more solutions that can improve people's lives and make the world a better place.

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