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Neuton.AI and ST jointly presented at the tinyML EMEA Innovation Forum 2024

At the tinyML Foundation EMEA Innovation Forum in Milan from June 24 to 26, Danil Zherebtsov and Danilo Pietro Pau co-presented a session on in-sensor AI titled "Deploying Neural Networks in Sensors with Near-Zero Memory Budget." In the session, Danilo discussed the latest hardware releases from STMicroelectronics and new programmable ISPU sensors, while Danil demonstrated practical applications of embedding advanced machine learning models into these sensors, as successfully done by Neuton.AI.

The audience showed great interest in the topic, asking numerous questions about the innovative bottom-up neural network technology at the core of Neuton's solution. We extend our sincere thanks to Danilo and Danil for their insightful discussion.

Lastly, as an authorized partner of ST, we had the privilege of jointly presenting in-sensor AI solutions that utilize our ultra-tiny neural networks within STMicroelectronics' ISPU sensor at the tinyML Foundation EMEA Innovation Forum. Be sure to check out this short video showcasing a touch-free application for interacting with smartwatches, which highlights the innovative and practical uses of our technology. Special thanks to Danilo Pietro Pau, Marco Bianco, Roman Rusak, and Danil Zherebtsov for their exceptional demonstration of our joint project in action.

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