Ease of Use
1. Upload your Dataset
Just upload your dataset in a CSV format and start training. Neuton works with text, categorical variables, floats, integers, and time series.
Neuton has smart algorithms for task-type detection based on target variable values, and perfectly detects regression from multi classification tasks even when there are more than 100 classes.
Neuton can solve time series problems and supports relative time intervals. There is no need to specify group by field if you don’t have unique values in time and date columns, as the Neuton preprocessing pipeline can work in automatic mode.
Neuton also supports working with text fields, automatically detecting text features in the dataset and using them to create new features to use during model training.
2. Train your Models
Fully automated process
Automated infrastructure provisioning and deprovisioning includes:
Creation of buckets for datasets
Enablement of Virtual Machines (VM) for training
VM deprovisioning when an experiment is complete
Provisioning of an allocated VM for every experiment run, thus avoiding resource consumption conflicts between different experiments
Automated selection of settings (task type, target metric, preprocessing and time limitations)
Advanced preprocessing and feature engineering. Neuton even fills in missing values using intelligent algorithms, can combine up to 4 original features during feature engineering, and uses supporting models to process raw datasets.
Enabling Predictions (model deployment in the cloud) with a single click of a mouse
Fast training
Faster Training (in comparison to those of AI/AutoML Giants and most Venture Backed AI/AutoML Companies)
Progress bar makes it clear when the training process is about to complete
You can both stop and resume training in one easy click
3. Use your models for prediction
Web prediction
Web prediction allows users to start predictions on new data with the Neuton web service. Just upload a dataset with new data and get the predictions in web interface.
Neuton REST API can be used to augment your device or service with AI capabilities. We offer examples of how to use it with several different programming languages.
Downloadable solution
You can download a Neuton model and use it online or offline without subscription. The archive contains the model in binary format and other supporting scripts and objects that, along with a simple python script, pulls it all together when predicting on new data. The downloadable model is absolutely free to use after the initial download, and requires no further access to the Neuton Platform nor license key.
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