Neuton AutoML
for Financial Institutions:
Neuton is an Automated Machine Learning service empowering financial organizations to:
Safeguard their existing customer base via churn prevention
Increase confidence in revenue growth and forecasting by identifying the right product and service for the right customer
Identify and prevent threats to the business and risk of losses via customer risk ratings and highlighting loans that may be at risk for default.
We bring innovation to a streamlined yet proven design process to realize meaningful results to business challenges.
How has Machine Learning enabled RedWood Credit Union to drive growth during the pandemic?
Tony Hildesheim
Chief Administrative Officer, Redwood Credit Union
How can Machine Learning play a vital role in digital banking strategies today and in the future?
Jason Schwabline
Chief Strategy Officer, Alogent
How can Machine Learning be responsibly implemented and deployed within the Financial Services?
Richard D. Lutkus
Partner, eDiscovery and Information Governance, Seyfarth
Business Outcomes
Member Attrition
Help your business identify and improve upon areas where customer service is lacking
Gain more understanding of revenue growth opportunities or risks
Reduce costs by retaining customers and focusing more efforts on new customer adoption
Next Best Offer (Cross Selling)
Drive additional revenue via more effective campaigns, by understanding adoption before a service is launched
Higher Return on Investment
Increased Customer Satisfaction and NPS
Customer Risk Rating
Establish and automate your KYC (Know Your Customer) ratings
Confidently develop a wider target audience by understanding the risk factors of each customer individually
Understand which customers are at risk as well as who is posing a risk
Improved Time to Market
Improved Time to Market
Explainability Office
Decision Making
SaaS Based Framework
Outcome Based Solutions
We Bring the Results!
Improved Time to Market
Neuton accelerates your organization’s ability to test out business hypotheses, or to simply execute on business projects through advanced automation techniques coupled with thought leadership from our data scientists. On average, customers reduce their time to market by over 70% with Neuton.
Explainability Office
Neuton’s industry leading Explainability Office empowers customers to have unprecedented insight into their data and the key features driving your predictions. Additionally, our Explainability Office affords confidence and transparency, enabling your organization to quickly align on the “why’s” and focus on project execution and growth of the business.
Behavioral Based Decision Making
Historically, reactive rules-based decisions have been the basis behind actions taken by most businesses. Neuton’s AutoML platform enables behavioral based decisions which positions your business to be proactive, including addressing new demographics such as millennials and thin based clients.
SaaS Based Framework
Leveraging the use of advanced automation techniques, coupled with implementation of critical functions of machine learning, customers reap the ease-of use benefits of a “Zero Code” solution while getting the high-quality accuracy and outcomes that historically required highly advanced data-scientist level technical skills.
Outcome Based Solutions
Automated Machine Learning is a transformative way for customers to extract value from data. In order to maximize and achieve the most value out of Neuton, every customer is paired directly with a data scientist to ensure your business problems are solved successfully.
You Bring your Data!
We Bring the Results!
No longer is there a need to have an internal team of data scientists nor to hire consultants to leverage your data into actionable AI based solutions. From helping customers organize their data to implementation and resolution of their business problems, we got you covered!