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Automated Machine Learning
Explore data insights and make predictions leveraging Automated Machine Learning without any coding
Neuton's Business Outcomes
Solve regression, time series, binomial and multinomial classification problems to:
Explore business insights
Do predictive analytics
Make smart forecasts
Reveal correlations
Perform rankings
Perform segmentation
Old way
A lot of companies, especially those from the small and midsize segments, face many or all of the following significant challenges when attempting to implement AI:
Lack and high cost of data scientists
Rigorous tech and math skills
High cost of implementation and support
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with Neuton
Have unlimited number of data scientist for the cost of Neuton’s subscription.

As a result, Neuton makes the process of AI solution implementation easy, fast and inexpensive.
10 times faster Go to Market
70% less cost of implementation
90% less cost of support
Ease of Use
Straightforward interface with a fully automated process
Beautiful and user-friendly interface and layout
AI solution creation in 3 clicks
No coding or experience in data science needed
Ease of Use
Upload your data easily via drag & drop
Work with text, categorical variables, floats, integers, and time series
Train your Models
Fast and fully automated process
Use your models for prediction
via Web interface, REST API or on your on-premise software
State of the Art Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering
Missing values imputation using tree based machine learning models
Analysis of feature correlations with the target variable
Creation of feature interactions
Unique Resulting Models
Self-growing and learning
Up to 100 times smaller and faster than those built with other solutions
Accuracy is not affected by compactness
Neuton Explainability Office ®
Exploratory Data Analysis
Feature Importance Matrix with class granularity
Model Interpreter
Feature Influence Indicator
Validate Model on New Data
Model-to-Data Relevance Indicators historical and for every prediction
Model Quality Diagram
Confidence Interval
Extensive list of supported metrics with Radar Diagram
Neuton AutoML let us automate the entire model lifecycle and freed our heads for more complicated tasks. Such tasks should definitely be solved automatically, without the involvement of expensive highly qualified specialists.
Head of Data, LITRES
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We look forward to further using Neuton to provide high quality forecasting products to Wavemaker clients. We are positive that it will stimulate customer satisfaction rate and revenue growth by applying more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.
Anton Kolesnikov
Head of Technology Hub, Wavemaker
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Accurate forecasting using Neuton models allowed our clients to correctly push the sales of products to retail outlets and reduce lost revenue.
Vinay Singh
CEO, BeatRoute
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What makes our members stay with Redwood CU is that we anticipate their needs and we find the solution that helps them with their financial lives. AI helps us drive that making us successful.
Chief Administrative Officer, Redwood Credit Union
When we tested Machine Learning against actual human performance in blind studies and measured the results over time, we found out that in every case ML was more accurate than a human.
Partner, eDiscovery and Information Governance, Seyfarth
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