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Neuton Explainability Office
This webinar introduces Neuton, highlighting Neuton Explainability Office, a set of unique tools that allow users to interpret and explain prediction results.
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Exploratory Data Analysis
Reveal insights offered using Neuton’s Exploratory Data Analysis: discover feature correlations, time dependencies, missing values, outliers, and many more.
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Data Preprocessing / Feature Engineering
Learn how Neuton incorporates a novel approach for automatic data preprocessing and creates new variables from your data.
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Time Series Analysis
The importance of time series analysis continues to expand. Join us for a demo, followed by live Q&A, on time series foundations in implementation using Neuton.
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Learn how to use the power of Natural Language Processing to transform unstructured text into actionable insights with Neuton.
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Rest API Predictions
Learn how to provide third-party application access to a deployed Neuton model.
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Offline Predictions
Learn how to download resulting models and supplementary scripts from Neuton for offline predictions or other local offline use.
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AutoML Business Use Cases
Learn how to quickly validate business hypotheses, find hidden correlations, and make forecasts and segmentations without any data science and programming skills.
On demand
Sales Forecasting
Learn how to predict a sales pipeline or weigh whether certain sales opportunities are likely to be wins or loses using historic data.
On demand
Customer Targeting
Learn how to identify prospects with the highest probability of conversion for a certain marketing campaign.
On demand
Churn Prevention
Learn how to identify the clients or employees most at risk of leaving and get targeted insights on which retention actions should be implemented.
On demand
Personalized Offers
Learn how to generate a relevant and compelling offer to meet the individual needs and preferences of thousands or even millions of customers.
On demand
Pricing Optimization
Learn how to determine your best prices taking into account all relevant contextual conditions including seasonality, price elasticity, demand, inventory levels, competitive products and their pricing.
On demand
Customer Prioritization
Learn how to rank your customers and determine which customers your sales team should reach out to first to close more deals.
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