Support Library
Solution Management
All solutions are described in the “My Solutions” list in a user’s workspace sorted by creation date in descending order (with the newest first).
My Solutions
A user can change the sorting order by clicking the row near “Sort by created”.
In the information area, the following information about each respective solution can be found:
date and time when a solution was created
Training started
date and time when the model training was started
Training completed
date and time when the model training was completed
Predictions / Predictions enabled
predictions status (disabled by default) or date and time when predictions were enabled
Task type
problem type for which solution was configured (Regression, Binary Classification, Multiclass Classification)
Target metric
selected target metric for the model and its value
Solution status
(next to the solution name) reflects the current solution state
There are six possible Solution statuses:
if you specified a name for your solution and saved it
Dataset configured
if solution was created and dataset was specified
Training in progress
if model is in the training process
Training completed
if model was successfully created
Prediction is being enabled
if you initialized Web Predictions
Prediction configured
if virtual machine for predictions was created
In the control area, you can find the following control buttons and indicators:
Solution Details
By clicking this option, you will be redirected to the screen with the current solution stage: training dataset selection, training parameters specification, training progress or prediction.
Settings menu
By clicking the gear icon on any solution user can rename the solution or delete it.
Analytics Tools
This button opens the Exploratory Data Analysis tool and Feature Importance Matrix menu.
This is a unique solution number that will also be displayed in the C Library.
Rename Solution
To rename a solution, click the gear icon on the solution you would like to rename, then click “Rename”:
Solution Details
Specify the new “Solution name” and/or “Description”, then press “Next”. The solution will be renamed and/or the description will be updated.
Delete Solution
Click the gear icon associated with the solution that should be deleted, then click “Delete”. The platform will ask to confirm if the solution and all associated data in “Dataset Storage” are to be permanently deleted. Once confirmed, this cannot be undone.
If the prediction service was enabled, the system will warn that in order to delete this solution user must first undeploy the model.

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